Dentcon Features

Hydrophilic SLA Surface

Best surface for rapid osseointegration...

It is a surface developed to accelerate the biological effect of cell adhesion, strengthen the osseointegration process and subsequently achieve a more succesful clinical result. While the surface is obtained, it is first subjected to mechanical treatment (sandblasting with Aliminium Oxide) after the roughening process formed on the surface, chemical etching and cleaning process (Large Acid Etched) and finally the surface becomes a hydrophilic surface active with cold Argon Plasma. In addition to acide etching, micro-pits between 2.5-3.5 μm diameter are created by etching. After sandblasting and etching, 2.5-3.5 μm average value is measured on the completely cleaned surface. This increases the adhesion of osteoblastic cells and creates a highly clean surface characterized by homogeneous micro-porosity of a few microns to support the osteogenesis process. All these factors provide the best anchorage from bone to implant and maximize the torque force required for implant removal. Therefore, all these procedures are the most effective method preferred in implantology to decrease osseointegration time and increase quality




Dentcon Dental Implant Systems have abutment options for all kinds of needs. With its wide product range, Dentcon Dental Implant Systems provide great comfort for dentists and laboratories.

Dentcon Dental Implant Systems can produce solutions for all occlusal screw restorations with its Multi Unit Abutment options. On the other hand, with its 17° and 30° options, it is invaluable for All on Four and All on Six operations.

3D information of Dentcon Dental Implant Systems products are available in Exocad and Dentalwings libraries. In this way, it enables patient-specific restorations through digital abutments.

In total edentulous cases, high stability, high retention and excellent angle tolerance…

In order to maximize customer satisfaction, our packages and labels have been designed by our professional team to increase the comfort and efficiency of our physicians during surgery. A barcode containing length and diameter information, production and expiry date, lot number and information on the product has been designed on the labels, and the label and tube colors are presented in
different colors according to the implant diameter. All Dentcon products are approved by the Ministry of Health and can be tracked through the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System with the barcode on the product.

Dentcon Surgical Kits are designed according to surgical needs and have all kinds of instrument needed in surgery. Dentcon surgical kit drills produced with stainless steel and special carbon coating technology;

-Harder wear

-Life is increased,

-High heating resistance

-Reflection blocking, clearer appearance

On the other hand, Dentcon Mini Surgical Set designed for fast surgeries offers a compact and fast surgical experience.

Platform Switching

Less bone and tissue loss

Implants with a platform-switched configuration have been shown to exhibit less bone loss when compared to non-platform-switched implants, which may lead to soft tissue preservation and growth.

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